Bitcoin Price and Ethereum Prediction: BTC & ETH Catch Their Breath After 5% Leap – Buckle Up, What's Around the Corner?

In the world of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and Ethereum have recently experienced a noteworthy 5% surge in their prices, momentarily pausing as they prepare for their next move.

Bitcoin is encountering significant resistance around the $30,580 mark. If candle closes fall below this level, it could trigger a downtrend towards $29,500, and amplified selling pressure might further push Bitcoin's value down to the $28,950 level.

The price of Ethereum started a downward correction from the $1,940 region against the US Dollar. In the near term, ETH might retest the critical $1,840 support level.

As investors raised their bets that the US Federal Reserve would soon cease its hawkish policy, the most valuable cryptocurrency reached $30,000 for the first time in ten months. 

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